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        In 1897, the birth of music prodigy Mozart Austria ancient city Salzburg outskirts Lungoetz Town, young Mr. Kahn inherited the handed down from the father of carpentry, and by dint of their talent savvy art continuous improvement process, make originally clumsy wood added a bit like music rhythm and gorgeous. Kahn's fame spread quickly in the local area.
         In 1897, Salzburg Archduke son wedding, to custom Kahn married for wood products, and let him responsible for the supply of the castle in the future all wood products。 To this end, Kahn decided to create their own wood processing plant。 Krono (Ke Nuo) group established!!

        Krono Wood Group's brand is the Kronospan Kronospan。 From that moment on, do the best plate into the Kronospan mission, passing the torch, it has been cross three centuries。 Let be the pride of the plate。
二十世纪八十年代初  Early 1980s
         Kronospan began to focus on the advantages of resources involved in the aggrandizement wood floor production field, is the world's first production OekofloorE0 flooring substrate and E0 flooring manufacturers. Moreover, the earliest companies in Europe for commercial production of E0 high density substrate is the group's Kronospan company.

      The main products are: MFC (imported melamine decorative panel) Pb (imported particieboard) MDF/HDF (imported MDF / high density board OSB (import oriented strand board), wall panel, paper, strengthening floor and other large sheet metal products, in Germany, Britain, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Austria, China and other countries have more than 20 large manufacturing base, is the world products, globalization of the brand。
      Average each of the three pieces of sheet metal is a piece from the Kronospan, the Kronospan already become Europe's largest plate production enterprises!
     The will over the years of production experience and the chemical industry, wood technology, the new technology process combination。 To provide the best quality products for the domestic famous furniture cabinet factory, we have a strong production strength and leading technology to do the most stable backing。 Also Kronospan also worked to continuous research and development, continuous innovation, to constantly improve the product level to meet the different needs of customers at different levels to develop。

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